About PopTop Leisure - From Elevating Roofs to Full Campervan Conversions

Originally our business concentrated on the moulding, supply and fitting of GRP Roof lights / Skylights for projects of all shapes and sizes throughout the UK and as with all growing businesses we began to look at new markets and opportunities for our skills and expertise. 

Through personal knowledge and interest in campervans we established that there were no significant manufacturers of campervan roofs in the UK as many roofs were imported from Germany. With plenty of effort and testing we produced our own moulds and we started to produce a range of campervan roofs for VW campervans.

Due to persistence, hard work and attention to details we swiftly began to make inroads into the UK roof market and our roof range has now extended to include a wide range of manufacturers vans. You can check out our full selection of campervan roofs at www.poptoproofs.co.uk and our new range of super hi lifting and low profile roofs at www.streamline-campervan-roofs.co.uk

As our manufacturing expanded we decided to introduce a range of complimentary campervan beds which began to sell well within our growing customer base.   The same care, attention to detail and after sales support that had made our roofs so popular within the campervan conversion industry meant that our seat beds were extremely well received and we soon became a UK leading manufacturer of both campervan roofs and seat beds.

You can find out more about our extensive range of campervan seat beds at www.campervanbeds.com 

As we already manufacture two of the key elements of a campervan conversion, the elevating campervan roof and rock/roll seat beds, we decided to start converting and selling our own stock of vehicles.  We have offered a roof and seat bed installation service for many years so adding in the other elements of a conversion has been a relatively straight forward process.  Taking our core values of quality, attention to details and great service to its ultimate conclusion in the campervan market we now provide everything from elevating roofs all the way through to full campervan conversions.

Testing and safety have always been high on our list of priorities and many of our beds and roofs frames have been stress tested under simulated impact conditions in line with EC Directive 76/115/EEC. Watch some of our bed/frame testing videos.